From baloons to planes

Utochkin Sergey Isaevich [30.6 (12.7) .1876, Odessa, – 31.12.1915 (13.1.1916),
Petrograd], is one of the first USSR pilots, he was popularizing of aviation affairs in former Soviet Union

Since his youth had a great interest different kinds of sport- boxing, struggle, navigation, fencing, etc., in each of which Sergey had achieved successes. Was the champion of Russiaand won the big prize on cycling at the international competitions in
Lisbon. Since 1907 had made some free flights by a balloon in Odessa, and then above
Sahara .
Was engaged in test of gliders.

On March, 15th (28) 1910 had made the first flight om the plane in
Odessa (in a week after flight of M.N.Yefimov). In August
1910 tested planes at a “Dux” factory (
Moscow). In September on the first All-Russia holiday of aeronautics has won 2-nd prize for accuracy of a landing. Has constructed biplanesuch as “Farman
” on which he haa made flights above
Odessa and the sea. In 1910-11 Utochkin was the first who demonstrated plane-flight in many cities of
Russia and

Flights of Sergey Utochkin, kind and soft characterised in life, were observed by famous aircraft constructors  and pilots subsequently: V.J.Klimov (in Moscow), N.N.Polikarpov (in the Eagle), A.A.Mikulin (in Kiev), P.O.Suhoj’ (in Gomel), P.N.Nesterov (in
Tbilisi), S.P.Korolev (in Nezhin), etc.


In conclusion, Utochkin is famous and many of aviators thank him not just because of his talents as an aviator, but also because he was early on the first steps of aviation and he had moved this process, he was an inspire for the others…

Ukrainian aviatress – Valentina Grizodubova

In the morning on September, 24th, 1938 from one of the situated near Moscow air stations the two-engined plane of P.Sukhuj construction had taken off. It was piloted by the commander of this air ship of Valentina Grizodubova – the former instructor of the aeroclub, second pilot Polina Osipenko and navigator Marina Raskova,that  also received the permit o fly in the Central aeroclub. The purpose of flight – to beat the female world record  made by French Djupejron (4360 kilometers).   Non-stop flight occurred in hard weather conditions. Aviatresses had to overcome storms and fogs, to fly at night in a great height. In 26 hours and 29 minutes plane “Rodina”, having passed  5908 kilometers,  landed in the Far East, near Kerbi, on coast of Argun’ river . For skills and courage aviatress were awarded by ranks of the Hero of Soviet Union. 

Valentina Grizodubova (7.01.1911) was born in family of famous aviaconstructor and aviator Stepan Grizodubov. She spent her childhood in Kharkiv, here she finished school and entered in Koncervatory, but she always dreamed to fly. And as she was a strong-willed woman, she entered Kharkiv Central Aeroclub. Than she moved to Russia and worked there as an instructor. M.Gromov says:  While preparation for flight I was called to the responsible commission on its organization and was asked: – How do you think, Grizodubova will cope with such a responsible flight?

 That time I knew  very well  all capable pilots and aviatresses. Therefore I didn’t hesitate saying:

– If who will do that, it’s Grizodubova. The command she picked up worse its leader.

She had and explosive, strong character, but always helped people – thousands of letters came to her with asks and she didn’t refuse. Valentina made very dangerous and courageous things, that were even more dangerous (in harsh conditions of comunism) than the flight to Far East.

This woman was a really symbol of woman’s freedom and equal rights for everybody, Valentina Grizodubova was a beautiful and smart person, which had made a breakthrough in soviet not even piloting, but community…

Old Is New

Many representatives of modern youth think that old movies are boring and  not interesting, because lack of stuns and special effects, and plot is too simple and repetitive.

BUT. When Ms. Gray told us to write our opinions about these old movies, I thought: “Oh! It must be boring to look for information about ‘ancient mono’ films”.  As I’ve read plot descriptions of the movies chosen, I understood that new movies are repetitive, because the are based on the earliest Hollywood films! So while writing assignment I really get interested in old-fashioned movies:)“The Gold Diggers”(1923) is a good comedy in real life style, because everything in the world is predicted by God and nobody can change it. So, the movie is about that two young people love each other, but the uncle Stephen Lee (Wyndham Standing) doesn’t want the marriage between them. He think that chorus girl Violet Dayne (Anne Cornwall) is a gold digger. Here comes a friend of Violet on help – Jerry La Mar (charming Hope Hampton). She decides to show what an ‘angel’ is Violet compared to her – Jerry gold digs Stephen. And you know what? Everybody get married – uncle with Jerry, but before that he blesses Wally Saunders (Hope Hampton)and Violet Dayne… Nice story and happy end, isn’t it?“She Done Him Wrong” (1933) smells a little bit gangsta, as for me. “I’m the finest woman who walked the streets,” declares bejeweled, hip-swishing Lady Lou (Mae West), 22m.jpg, a beautiful nightclub singer and also men’s hearteater. Such a ‘rock woman’ isn’t faithful with her boyfriend, that was escaped…“She runs afoul of stalwart mission captain Cummings (Cary Grant), who warns her that she’s on the road to perdition”.12m.jpgActually, that movie was a really successful one, and saved Paramount Pictures from bankruptcy. I think that the actors did very well – firstly, by their perfect appearance (they look as stars), secondly, by the plot, that is new and interesting. By the way songs of Mae West became popular.

A Bill Of Divorcement

It is very interesting to watch old movies from the position of the 21 century, because we’ve already seen a lot of different-styled films with shocking special effects and so on. I’ve chosen one of the black-white movies – “A bill of divorcement” (1932)directed by George Cukor. Based on the play of Clemence Dane, it is a melodramatic study of divorce and madness in the lives of an English family. Margaret (Meg) Fairfield, (Billie Burke) long-suffering wife of insane and asylum-housed Hilary Fairfield, (John Barrymore) is set to re-marry after having been granted a divorce. 

46m1.jpgThis movie is also mentioned by the fact that it was debut of Katharine Hepburn.  She is an interesting screen persona -even in her first film, Katharine delivers a strong, fiery performance and attracts viewer’s attention from the start. Katharine plays a role of Meg’s daughter, Sydney,  which breaks her engagement with fiancé Kit Humphrey (DM) and remains with her care-needing parent.  
The relationships between Hepburn and Barrymore really add some touching moments in the movie. As a final note, Billie Burke is a regular laugh-riot as the much ruffled Meg. 

Even though I didn’t see this movie by myself, after reading the comments about it, I liked the scenario and I definitely watch it.

Pirates of the Caribbean

 I have many different movies that I like, but now I’m going to share with you some impressions about “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I loved it because it had made my mood better and the number of good actors also pleases the eye.

So, the theme is about…: 

06.jpgCaptain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), the charming villain, ploughs the transparent waters of the
Caribbean which serves him as an extensive platform for his adventures and secrets. But ideal situation suddenly goes to a bottom when his worst enemy, artful captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), steals “The Black pearl”, Jack’s ship. But captain Barbossa does not stop: he attacks Port-Royal and abducts the daughter of the governor, charming Elizabeth Swann (
Keira Knightley).

The friend of her, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), units with Jack, and together they withdraw the highest-speed ship of the British fleet “Interceptor” in attempt to catch up “The Black Pearl” and to release the girl. An ambitious Commander Norrington (Jack Davenport), whose engagement with
Elizabeth has suddenly appeared under threat, sends the linear ship to pursuit Jack and Will. Friends do not guess it, as they do not guess about a terrible secret: damnation, imposed on Barbossa and his command, transformed them into alive deadmen, but that is seen under beams of moonlight. Only after once plundered treasures will be returned back up to the last coin, damnation can be removed. But there is also a factor – it has to be returned with the blood of Will Turner…

So the film has a happy end (as most of the Hollywood movies) – Will and
Elizabeth get married, Captain Jack receives his “Black Pearl” back.

This movie is filled by the special effects and a wide specter of different human characters and individuals. 


St.Valentine’s Day

People are created for love. And when somebody says me: “I don’t need anyone, I have everything I wish!”, I feel pity to this person.

Does not matter whom to love – the whole world or a particular person, but to be in love all the time. Then you’ll be happy and ones that surround you also will be happy while talking to you.

But the theme is St.Valentine’s Day! O my God! I’ve forgot about that! Sorry!

I don’t know whether you agree with me or not, but I don’t have any special feeling this day. Know why? Because love is every day and every second, no matter how close is our lover. Or how far… We need to give our better part to other person each minute we are together. But we also have to know that it’s ‘the right women/men’, because our energy and time is not sufficient for everybody – it doesn’t seem to be wasted.

So, I used to be in love to everybody everytime everywhere. And I’m happy therefore. Poeople have to be more open and then love will be breathed into them… 

It’ll always be like that

People in even in ancient times said: “We  don’t love one, who loves us and love someone, who is indifferent to us.”

But I always have a question: “WHY?”

Is it because we are ancestors of Adam and Eve and want something we can’t have? Because  everything prohibited is wanted? Or we just want to fight for our happiness? Than what about people who love us – we hurt them!..

Why should we do this? Do we need it? Or it’s just obey-able law for people?

Too much questions?)

Waiting for comments – I’ll answer later…

Why we are agressive

In such a big and quick world, our life-rate became also as quick as the sound speed. Sometimes we are in such a hurry, that cannot find a time just to listen and try to understand others.

Modern women are so strong-willed and with such a “hard” character, that men “will melt from our way”.  One guy asked me: “Women’s aggression – how to keep yourself from it?”

I think that modern trends influence on character and form it. Some women are strong willed and they gover people, they are aggressive and they think it’s the only way to be on the top. But there are some who are soft and light, and I think, they reach much more results then aggressive ones. 

Chaotic Soul

“Chaotic soul” is the name of the theme I’ve chosen (you can see it on the screen). And I thought: “Our soul, is it chaotic? Or maybe everything in it is in some order that depends on the personality we are?”

People don’t know even themselves for sure, nor somebody else. That’s why we can’t say people are predictable. But we know (and our closest people do) how we’ll act in some situation. So now we are predictable, aren’t we?

Isn’t it a contrast?

As our lives are based on uncountable contrasts, it couldn’t not influence on our characters, opinions and souls. But every day we also meet with a routine: we go to the same work (school, university), we meet the same people, we do the same tasks, we come to the same house and get into the same bad. Does it influence?

Of course it does. But seriously, I think everything depends on how one accept this world. For somebody a normal (maybe routine) day is enough, for others not. Someone finds every day interesting and new, others get melancholic and sad. One can divide his/her emotions, feelings and love into different “rooms” of the soul, others just give theirs love to everybody.

Isn’t it chaos a bit?)

The reason why

Today I’ve talked to my friend. He just had quarrelled with his girlfriend and they had left each other. So he was so disappointed and so empty that he asked me: “Why? Why should people act like that? Why when you even love this person you have to shrill and to say bad words?”

The fist reason is that people are scared. They just don’t want somebody to think they are weak and in this way try to show themselves as strong-willed people. But real strength is when you have patience, isn’t it?

Other reason can be people’s indifference, because not everybody is treating others like he/she want to be treated him/herself. And when you make a great scandal  while leaving somebody it is easier to trample love and to forget about it. 

But then we have a question: “What’s for to love, after that to trample love and insult a person you love?” 

Sometimes we can’t control ourselves, because having great love is also having great emotions…

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