When the LOVE dies

Walking down a very old, famous street Saksaganskiy back from my friend, I had a time to think about a lot of things. SHE didn’t know what to do – She loved one guy for three years and He treated Her not as She wanted that to be. I mean She wanted be His girlfriend and He didn’t ‘see’ Her love. Now, He offered Her to marry him, but She refused.

At first, I was shocked: “How could you? You told me you love him!?” But She said He’s too late. “There are the moments when you become absolutely indifferent to the beloved person”, She said.

Walking home I thought about this. If you are really in love with ALL your heart, then how can you be indifferent, how can you forget your feelings and just live without your lover?

From the other side, when you see your love doesn’t give any results, but only insults you – what’s for to waste your time and years? It’s hard, but you have to choose between happiness, stability and just unexpected hobby. Love and passion are different things. But friendship is the most powerful base for real love. Respect is even more important while living together. That is how it might be, but…

She says She doesn’t blame Him and doesn’t feel unhappy – on the contrary. She is thankful to Him, because She’d learned a lot. I think She’s right – everybody has something to learn from and it’s very important to make a conclusion. We all become wiser by the price of mistakes and losses.

And our love doesn’t dies just steps up onto the new level…

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  1. kristinagray said,

    May 11, 2007 at 2:22 am

    I can completely understand your friend. I think that she made the right choice to say NO to this man she once loved. My opinion is that women should be treated well and pursued by their lover and not the other way around. We, as women, were never created to be the pursuer and we should be cherished from the beginning of the courtship. Tell her that she will find her prince eventually, she just has to act the part of the princess.

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