The way we go in hands of God

I was driving in a car with my father and grandmother when it happened. We were going in a market to buy a present for my other granny (she is 78 today). So, there were two ways to get there – by using two different streets.

…People really don’t think a lot about what way to go and which street to use. Yeah, they do sometimes, but only in context to not get in a traffic jam…

So, when we were to turn, my father asked: “Turning left?” I answered – “No, let’s go right.” He agreed. Just a few seconds after turning on the other street, we heard a terrible sound – there was no doubt, it was a crash…

Can not believe we could be on their place (nevertheless they are all alive). It was God who saved us from that. And for those, who don’t believe in God, I want just to add: when you have a strong Belief in your heart, even relating to that you look beautiful today (even if you don’t :), then you really are and people don’t stop telling you are amazing today. And when you believe that some Force watch on you,not for criticizing, but for helping, then it really does (if you deserve, of course).

I was taught is such ideological traditions, that I believe in God, that is changeable and Destiny which is unchangeable God’s creation.

So, I can only say “Thank you for saving my life and my human body!”

1 Comment

  1. luckypenguin said,

    May 13, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    I am happy that you and nobody else suffered and everything turned out all right!!!

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