Eurovision – 2007

SERBIA is the winner in face of young talented girl Anna Maria Sheryfovich!

When she started to sing, there was only her shadow visible. And then, when her voice started going higher, we could see her. It was a really great effect. Her sing was “Molitva” (“Prayer”) and she deserved the price! All Serbia sing that song with her all the night. People were so happy to know they won, participating for the first time.

And it was interesting for me (as for Ukrainian) thatI could understand some meaning of words in this Prayer. Now I realized how close  our Slavic nations are and how we similar. It’s great!!!

Our participant Andrey Danulko, more known as Verka Serdyuchka, took the second place this time in Eurovision in Helsinki, Finland. He (she?)  was very popular during the preparation for this competition and when he started to sing and dance, everybody stood up and danced with him. I am proud of him to take such a high place)))  

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