Exams are passed!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a really hard day today. At first, we had macroeconomics exam. You know, it’s very hard to pass it, because there are a lot of material and the teacher is very strict. But I like those professors, who teach us in a strict way, because in reality they are kind and good people. Anyway, yesterday, he said to prepare for the exam and I did. I really DID)))

Coming to 9 o’clock with a frighten of being late, we all set down in waiting of EXAM. He said: “there is no cheating, chattering or something else. So,let’s start. Oh, I’ve forgotten, Gavrylova, you are free. You receive ‘A’ automatically for the good work thorough the semester. Why are you sitting – are in you shock?” Aha, I was…))))))))

Then we had ANOTHER EXAM -introduction to International Business. Mr.Haponiev was nice today and just a minute ago, I knew that he looked at our works (mine and Nastya Efimova) and said they are good. He is pleased. We are pleased too that exams are over.

There are still like kind of exam (‘zachet’) on Monday.  But philosophy is a really interesting and not so hard class – I like it.I think there’ll be no problem.

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