Yesterday Maria showed us a 4 minute movie of her brother, which is called “Gears”. 

This movie impressed me very much – at first I even could say anything, because there were too many thought in my mind.

it was also interesting how differed people’s impressions after watching it. I showed it everyone at home and to some of my friend too. Most of them said the movie is about LOVE, some – about that people have to work and not just have fun all the time, etc.

As for me, gears are the symbols of human beings (doesn’t matter where – in the whole world, city or little village). They dance, they love, they feel, they create, they inspire, they have emotions, BUT they also have their own place in this crazy system (clock).  Thismain heroes – two gears – are moving on the rhythm of a very strict, unstopping machine, which actually, doesn’t consider them as special ones. But for them they are the only ones on the Earth. Like for somebody you are just a part on the whole world, and for the other the whole world is in you.

I am thankful to the author of this movie, because he showed up an actual issue and many discussions are now about this little, tender two gears…

Dark past

After reading the articles from the Proquest, I was a bit in shock, because the information there was really sensational. It was hard to read about the unveiling campaign and its consequences. The Communist drive to end the veiling of Uzbek women began only after unsuccessful efforts to identify and isolate Muslim clerics and wealthy landowners (kulaki) as “class enemies.”

The author maintained that Soviet nation-builders considered female dress and veiling practices crucial determinants of national identities. They successfully convinced peoples who were now to be called “Uzbeks” that the veil was a central symbol of national tradition. The hujum (‘the unveiling hujum’ started in 1927) made the veil into a symbol of resistance to Soviet rule. BUT Uzbek men, and many women, considered those who unveiled as prostitutes, and many of them had been killed!!!

So, from one side, women were repressed or killed by the Soviet system to UNVEIL, from the other, they were killed of being UNVEILED, because they were considered as nation traitors and prostitutes. I feel a great pity for those poor kind women, because the most sensitive part of everything that is people were innocent (in most of cases) and they had to survive-or-die in such conditions.

Northrop, Douglas. “Veiled Empire: Gender & Power in Stalinist Central Asia”, Ithaca and London, Cornell University Press, 2004, 392.

My News

This Friday morning I met with my friend. He told me that he is marrying!!! I was so happy of him, because we were friends from the earliest childhood. So, it is one of the good news.

Then, I went (with some other WIUU students) to the American Embassy’s Informational Center. Oh, it was such a fun to get there! Anyway, we found this place and after being checked up, we could enter. Then we were checked once more, and after that – Hallelujah! we could met Mrs.Gray:)

We had our papers back and listened to the advices and keywords of Mrs.Gray for help us to improve our researches. I liked Proquest more than Ebscohost, because it’s bigger and I’ve found really good articles, which I’m reading now.

What I say about those articles – THEY ARE SENSATIONAL as for me. There is a lot of interesting information of Uzbekistan in 1930-1940s. Unveiling campaign, collectivization, industrialization, WWII – all that is told by the authors of the articles. They have so much you to tell, and I’m going to present this information in my next blog.

Spring… No – SUMMER!!!!!

14876231.jpgSummer is outside! Everything is so green and beautiful! The weather is just great!

I like summer more then any other season of the year. It’s hot, sunny, green, everybody is walking down the streets, children are playing in the gardens…  Vacations, sea, beach…Happy time, isn’t it? 

But BEFORE – oh, I don’t want to tell you what we, students, have to do before our long hot summer. Exams, exams, exams…

Being afraid

Why Soviet people were afraid? Bad question.

What is the threshold when Soviet people weren’t afraid? Good question.

Being deeply sensitive person, I can’t just go through and don’t tell about my impressions after talking to a victim of Soviet system.  Plus I’ve seen a film “Svolochi” ( “Rabbles” – sorry, but it’s the name of the film).

His story (actually, his father’s one)  is simple – a boy without parents understood on his own skin what it’s like being a child of ‘country’s enemy’.  He’d been to different orphanges, different parts of Soviet Union and not only, but also was sent to Germany as ostarbeiter – violently taken workers from Ukraine to Germany in times of Great Patriotic war. He escaped from two lagers there and wanted to come back here, on his Motherland. He thought She would expect for him, but… He was just sent to Siberia as a traitor of the state.

Simple as that… There were thousands of such people those times.

“There are the levels in your life, when you stop to have a fear. You become indifferent and you don’t care. You feel pain when your wife is killed, then you become angry and uncontrolled…when you’re imprisoned and bitten every day asfor a death, you STOP FEELING anything. Everything you had is lost. THAT IS a threshold.”

Beautiful world of flowers

447039045_bdc14e4771.jpgToday it’s the 27th exhibition of orchids in USA. Those flower exhibitions always attract my attention and better my mood. And yours?

Too much events!

Today it was a really great day!!!

1) It was “History matters” presentation and we all were very nervous and prepared for this event. There were many people from the American Embassy, honored widows and of course, our parents. There were also some friends of mine. The presentation was divided into two parts – History and Photography. I liked this idea very much. It was so interesting and not boring, and it’s always great to have a contest and it’s pleasant to win and to take the awards. “History matters” was greatly organized – thanks to Mrs.Gray. You have to be proud of yourself, I’m for real, even Katya said: “I had such a fun! Who organized it?”

I think we did good, didn’t we? I’m sorry I wasn’t on the repetition – that’s because I had to meet the American Ambassador and to make a little excursion.

I don’t know what else to write about it – to much impressions and emotions, believe me. The only truth now it’s to say all that was positive and I don’t know why, I feel happy.

2) We took part in the each-semester dance competition between the institutions (me and other girls from our University). We were the best – we won!!!

3) I’ve met my very old and very good friend. It was such a pleasure to talk to a person who knows your childhood and everything about you.

Sorry for such an emotional post. But you know, I’ll open a secret to you – as I’m a girl, to show my emotions is a part of woman’s character. Am I right?  



This beautiful, warm day our university had no rest. We had over seventy  graduates came to us for to take part in the Business English Competition. They were so scared and so open-eyed that we remembered  us in the last year. And it was a bit ridiculous, a bit cute, that there were a lot of parents and they also were frightened and they trembled for their children.

This competition is arranged by our university for the seventh time. And it’s very interesting and useful both for the pupils and university, because we learn from each other.

As I was a WIUU assistant in organizing, I can say the level of the participants’ Businesss  English knowledge was rather high. The presentations were all original and there was no plagiarism.

I hope to see some of those participants next year in WIUU and it would be great for them to have such an opportunity to study here.

Let’s pray for Ukraine

Ukraine! My land!

All fascinating world

Will pray for You.

Ukraine! My land!

No harmful word

Will trouble You.

What causes pressure,

Causes pain, my dear?

Hate with no measure.

Who will drain Your tear?!

Ukraine, my land…

What will You do with us,

Your problem children,

Loving You, and thus,

You love us too.

Are we forgivven?..

Ukraine!!! My land!!!

It’ll never be the end…


The most beautiful, The most colorful, The most, The most, The most spring-bringing Holiday!!!

As Mrs.Gray likes everything old I want make her a little pleasure (and for everybody who will look on my blog)………

Here are VERY OLD Easter cards especially for you:

ot_big_1875.jpgThis card is dated 1875, you can see that because of that old-fashioned beautiful girl.

ot_big_1874.jpgThis one – 1874. There is a cute chicken which symbolizes Resurrection and new life.

ot_big_1873.jpgIt’s 1873.

ot_big_1869.jpgThose guys were painted as a card in 1869. Here is also a rabbit, which actually is used in European traditions. And children look as from the other epoch, don’t they?


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